Application Fees

To help offset the costs of the screening required under the program safeguard rules for Medicare-enrolled providers and suppliers, an application fee was implemented.   With the annual update factor, the current fee for $505.00 for 2011 and $523.00 for 2012.

Application fees are assessed at the time of the initial Medicare enrollment, when a practice location is added, and when responding to a revalidation request.  With the exception of individuals (physicians and non-physicians practitioners) and group practices, all other providers and suppliers are assessed the application fee.

When the Internet-based PECOS system is utilized to enter enrollment data, the user will be automatically transferred from the Internet-based PECOS site to the website to make the payment via ACH credit and debit card. After the payment is made, the user is automatically returned to the Internet-based PECOS website to complete the remaining part of your application.

When paper applications are completed and submitted, payment must be made electronically through the CMS website at: either via credit card, debit card, or check. Although CMS will regularly send a list of providers (the “Fee Submitter List”) that have paid an application fee to the respective enrollment contractor, CMS encourages providers to submit a receipt of payment with their initial application, practice location addition, or revalidation. To avoid a delay in processing the application, it is recommended that you follow this advice.